3D Printing a Sword from TV

As you may have noticed, this Blog looked something like this over the past months. All I can say about that is this.

With that out of the way, let’s get to the point of this post. Its September which means Halloween is practically tomorrow. I decided to do a costume party for my birthday and a good friend of mine came up with a costume that will fit mine but she still needs some props for her costume. I decided to help her out by printing them, but you knew that already otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this.

Let’s get into it

It all started with these images:

Clary Jase

Before jumping into fusion 360 I’ve made a ruff sketch of it to decide on the size I wanted it to be.

Sketch As I said, the name is ruff, very ruff.

With these measurements I was able to correctly scale the images inside fusion. The next steps are either too easy or too much for most people so I’m going to skip most of it.

Here is a short breakdown:

For today, this will be it, sadly I can’t show a picture of my printed prototype because I couldn’t resist the eyes of someone and gave it away…

Best I can do is a rendering:

rendering I’m planning to add electronics to the sword, hopefully my next post will be about that.

If you want me to design or print something for you, let me know.

Written on September 12, 2018