Sony BDV-E880 Ceiling Mounts

A good friend of mine (Melvin Gundlach) bought some new speakers and mounted his old ones on his ceiling, so far so good.

BUT – His mounts are hideous to look at, thats why I’ve decided to print him some new ones. We had some basic requirements for the mounts:

  1. Prettier
  2. Less intrusive
  3. Adjustable

1. Prettier

Let’s be honest; this is the easiest part, since he decided to save money on his “mounting soloution(TM)”. Anything I do will be better looking than what he currently has. The current solution

2. Less Intrusive

We decided to go with two colors, white for the ceiling part and black for the speaker part. We did so, hoping, that the ceiling part would “disappear” and give the speakers a floating look. To keep the speaker part mostly invisible, I’ve tried to keep the clips as small as possible. In doing so I’ve greatly increased the risk of the speakers slipping out. We’ll see how it goes. Ceiling part(white) and speaker part(black)

3. Adjustable

Because I wanted it to be as adjustable as possible I went for a ball joint. Since this is Version 1 and at the time of writing this we haven’t tested it yet, I don’t know if the current solution has enough friction to hold the speaker in place. The Mount, rendered in fusion 360

Hopefully, I don’t need to write a post about speakers falling from the sky.

If you want me to design or print something for you, let me know.

Written on June 21, 2018