Printing parts for my Printer

While printing parts for another Project (BDV-E880) one of my Printers broke, specifically a Bowden fitting broke.

I ordered new ones from Amazon, everything seemed fine, until they arrived. I immediately noticed that they were the wrong size (M10 instead of M6). How could that happen you ask? Because I’m cheap, I’ve tried to save .50€ by choosing a cheaper suggestion at checkout but didn’t notice they where M10.
Bowden fittings M6(left) and M10(right) I really want to continue with my project but my fittings aren’t fitting and seemingly no shop in my area sells these, what do I do?
I’ve fired up fusion 360 and quickly modeled the part that takes the fittings and modified it for M10. I had trouble with this part since I’ve gotten this printer, I’ll take this as an opportunity to improve it, but this has to wait until a later post. For now, this will be it.
Old(left) and new(right) part side by side If you want me to design or print something for you, let me know.

Written on June 23, 2018