TronXY X1 - handle seat

Since I improved the extrusion seat of my TronXY X1, I thought I should continue and redo most of the parts. My next design was the handle seat. This is what I came up with:
Render of the new part

As you can tell my Design was heavily inspired by this. I don’t know if it really improves the Z-wobble but it definitely looks better without the rod hanging in mid-air.

Things I did different:

  • Moved the hole for the Z-rod right, so that it no longer bites in while printing at Z-heights near max.
  • Inset the screw holes, that connect it to the knockoff open build extrusions to make it look nicer and give me more confidence into that connection because the original screws are way too small for the original part.

Download it on thingiverse.

If you want me to design or print something for you, let me know.

Written on June 28, 2018