My two cents on iPhone naming

I’ve had discussions about the name of the iPhone for about a year now, most people know that I’m an ecks guy and not a ten one.

I’ve had several problems with calling it iPhone ten. First of all, for my taste, ten is too high a number. It feels old and boring like it is just another version, which the ten is definitively not. Apple clearly knew, that and wanted to do something about it, so they skipped over one tock cycle, the iPhone 8 and an entire tick-tock cycle. If this isn’t a clear break, I don’t know what is.

They just made one mistake; they’ve tried to stay in the same naming scheme while changing the writing scheme. Those mistakes were made just one year after finally fixing the weird naming on OS X to macOS. Yes, that X also stands for a ten and no, nobody ever pronounced it that way. Most people probably didn’t even know that it was supposed to be Mac OS ten. And now Apple is at it again, with the roman numerals.

Boy oh boy, it got worse?

Yes, indeed, it got worse.

With the naming of the iPhone Xꜱ and Xʀ they’ve one upped their bad names. That’s right, the official names can’t be written on every device and or platform. (characters U+A731 and U+0280)

Because they’ve backed themselves into a corner with naming the last one ten with roman numerals, they had to use non-standard characters to emphasize that you are supposed to switch back and forth between roman numerals and just characters in the middle of a name.

That’s just my two cents and I don’t want to spend more time thinking about it.

If you know me and I send you here, we probably had a discussion about the correct way to say it. Now you know, I was right.

Written on September 21, 2018